Quality Handcrafted Soaps
What's New for 2018?
We have added bath bombs over the past year and plan to make many more. Our first batches
were Lavender, Rose, Tropical Paradise, Sunflower, and Apricot Freesia. New this year so far
is Plumeria. Look for more scents to come!

We have made a few batches of body butter that have come out very nice. So far we have
created Chamomile and Lavender body butter. Customers are loving it! We used up our initial
supplies already so will need to reorder jars and add new scented creations. Then we can take
photos and add to our website so look for those soon!
Steam engine train that runs
through Old Poway Park. Visit a
Craft Market and ride the train!
Welcome to Olfactory Express
We make our soaps using the Cold Process (CP) method. We start with olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil and then create our
specialty scents by adding essential oils and/or fragrance oils. All recipes are enriched with jojoba oil, castor oil, and shea butter.
In some recipes we add dried herbs or flowers for texture and a beautiful look.

In addition to our line of soaps, we have added some fabulous new products from Herbal Sprays to Lip Balms. Check out the
Products page to view details!

We will be at the Poway Arts & Crafts Boardwalk Craft Market located at 14134 Midland Road, Poway, CA 92074 (on the
boardwalk of The Hamburger Factory). There will be a lot of special events throughout the year in addition to the regular craft
market so visit the
Events Calendar for details!