Olfactory Express began as a hobby and has blossomed into a small home-based business.
Our main product line is home-made soaps. We've been making soap since 2006. We
started out by taking a soap making class with a friend as an idea for her wedding favors.
My husband liked the soap so much that he bought a soap making kit, and we've been
making soap ever since!

Our first few batches we gave away as gifts. We were not sure how people would like the
product, especially as rookie soap makers, but were pleasantly surprised at all the positive
feedback. One of our friends who loves the soap invited us to participate as a vendor in a
home art show. It was so exciting to create new soap recipes, gift packs, and display ideas,
and through that creative process Olfactory Express was born.

What makes us more special than any other soap makers? Nothing! We just love what we
do and enjoy the opportunity to share our craft. We hope you enjoy our products as much
as we do. Come back often to see what's new!
About Olfactory Express