Our Soaps
We make Cold Process (CP) soaps in small artisan batches made with
saponified, Coconut oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Rice Bran Oil,
essential oils and/or fragrance oils. Each batch is then enriched with Jojoba
Oil, Castor Oil and Shea Butter. Each batch is unique so color and scent
may vary. See below for our current scents.
Olfactory Express Products
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Note: Sales are booming! If an item you like is sold out there may
be a batch curing. Feel free to post a message on our
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page and we'll be happy to send an update.
Our Scents
Apricot Freesia
Summer ripened apricots with a breezy
floral scent mixed in. Fabulous!

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Photo Coming Soon
Bamboo (Sold Out)
A clean, fresh green scent like fresh meadows and
ocean breezes all wrapped up in one fabulous scent

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Blackberry Sage
Fresh ripened blackberries tempered with
earthy sage, a surprisingly pleasing combination!

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Black Cherry & Almond
Already a fan favorite! Summer cherries mixed with
the sweetness of almond - fantastic!

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Blueberry Almond (Sold Out)
A sweet blend of blueberry and almond fragrance
oils, brings back memories of summer!

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Cinnamon Apple with Oatmeal
Warm and sweet like a cinnamon bun, perfect for
the holidays!

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Eucalyptus Mint
Essence of eucalyptus and fresh sprearmint

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Gardenia (Sold Out)
Perfect for Spring! A lovely floral bouquet.

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Honeysuckle Lemon (Sold Out)
The sweet scent of honeysuckle infused with fresh
lemon. So smooth and creamy!

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Jasmine (Sold Out)
The exotic scent of Jasmine with dried rose petals

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Photo Coming Soon
A wonderful Lavender scent reminiscent of
being in a spa

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Mountain Pine
Smells like a fresh mountain pine forest.
Perfect for men and a great holiday scent.

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Photo Coming Soon
Peppermint Oatmeal
Made with Peppermint essential oil and ground

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Pumpkin Spice
Smells just like a Fall dessert, bit we don't
recommend eating it!

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Photo Coming Soon
Raspberry Lemonade
Fresh and lemony with a sweet splash of raspberry,
perfect for summer!

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Rose Petals
Made with a unique blend of rose fragrance oils

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Sage & Lavender (Sold Out)
A blend of Sage and Lavender essential oils and
ground rosemary; an earthy yet spicy scent that is
insanely popular.

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Sangria Sunrise (Sold Out)
A tantalizing blend of orange and berries;
reminds you of a summer drink!

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Spiced Ginger (Sold Out)
Warm and spicy; sprinkled with dried
Chamomile. Perfect for Fall.

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Smoking Jacket
For the man in your life. A masculine blend of
Tobacco, Bay Rum, and Rosewood/Vanilla.

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Photo coming soon
Spiced Plum (Sold Out)
Just like sugar plums dancing in your head -
you'll love this scent!

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Tropical Paradise
Just like a day at a tropical beach! An exotic
blend of coconut and tropical floral fragrance
with cornmeal. Can't you hear the ocean waves?

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
For folks with sensitive skin, try this new
fragrance free, color free blend

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea
Violet (Sold Out)
A new floral fragrance just in time for Spring.
This soap leaves your skin soft and silky all
day long!

5 oz body bar - $7.00/ea